U.S. Hands Off Taiwan and the South China Sea

U.S. Hands Off Taiwan and the South China Sea

Whereas, Veterans For Peace, an educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war, recently adopted Resolution 2020-02 Pivot to Peace with China and the World, which forms the basis for our work on U.S./China relations, and

Whereas,  one of the key areas where U.S. policy is likely to lead to  nuclear war, whether by design or mistake, is Taiwan and the South China Sea, and

Whereas, the de facto government of Taiwan calls itself the Republic of China but is not officially recognized by the United Nations, the United States, Canada, Australia, NATO, nor over 90% of UN members. It exists solely because of the early military support by the U.S. before and after 1949, continuing to the present in various forms.  U.S. arms sales to Taiwan in 2020 alone amounted to $5 billion, and

Whereas, in 1972 President Nixon and Chairman Mao agreed that there is only one China and Taiwan is a part of China. Beijing agreed to  refrain from using force to reunite the island with the mainland if Washington would not have formal relations with Taipei or supply Taiwan with significant military weapons, and

Whereas, the time when the U.S. Navy patrolled the Yangtze River is over. The Eurocentric idea that Asian nations require the United States to defend them from themselves has no place in the Twenty First Century, and

Whereas, the People’s Republic of China does not now, nor has it ever, threatened the territorial security or people’s well-being of the United States or any NATO country, and

Whereas, the new Biden administration, responding to popular and Congressional pressure and recognizing that earlier U,S. policies in Yemen have led to a humanitarian and strategic catastrophe, has announced a new policy of freezing U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia and examining sales to the United Arab Emirates. President Biden put it quite simply: “This war has to end.” Much the same should be said for the Cold War on China,

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace urges the government of the United States to withdraw all military and naval forces from the Straits of Taiwan and the South China Sea and  instead pursue peace, non-intervention, and cooperation with China and the rest of the world, and

Be It further Resolved that Veterans For Peace urges the government of the United States to re-examine U.S. arms sales to the Republic of China in Taiwan as a way of pursuing peace, non-intervention, and cooperation with China and the rest of the world, and

Be It further Resolved that Veterans For Peace urges its members and supporters to remember that the resolution of the status of Taiwan is the internal affair of the Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Straits into which the United States has no right to intervene.

Unanimously passed by Veterans For Peace, East Bay Chapter 162 (Berkeley/Oakland), April 10, 2021, following two months of internal discussion.

Passed by the VFP China Working Group on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, awaiting minor editing before transmitting to International Executive Board for final approval.