How to Vote for Bernie Sanders

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! Hundreds of thousands of Americans, in New York, Arizona, and elsewhere, have been denied their right to vote, either by design or accident. Follow these steps to make sure you can vote for your candidate, Bernie Sanders. (This information is for California voters only. Every state has its own requirements. For information on other states, go to:

First of all, CHECK YOUR PARTY REGISTRATION STATUS. Instructions vary by county. All counties are listed at:

IF YOU ARE REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, you will receive a Democratic Party ballot and can VOTE FOR BERNIE on June 7 or by mail, no sweat.

IF YOU ARE REGISTERED AS “NO PARTY PREFERENCE,” you can request a Democratic Party ballot from your County Election official or poll worker, and VOTE FOR BERNIE.

IF YOU ARE REGISTGERED AMERICAN INDEPENDENT, GREEN, LIBERATIAN, OR PEACE AND FREEDOM, or you are not registered, you will need to re-register by May 23, which you can do online at: You have two options:

OPTION ONE: (simplest) Register Democrat. You will automatically receive a Democratic presidential ballot, no sweat.

OPTION TWO:  (a two-step process)

Step One: Check the box that says: “No, I do not want to disclose a political party preference.”

Step Two: You must request a Democratic presidential ballot from your county elections office, or the poll worker at your polling place. For official information, see the CA SOS website at:
No Party Preference Information: Voting in Presidential Primary Elections:

Whichever option you choose, be sure to check your registration status after a week or two, following the instructions above.

The deadline for registering for the June 7 primary is May 23, but it’s better not to wait. Given what’s happened in New York and elsewhere, it’s best to re=register asap, so you’ll have time to correct any problems.

NOTE: College students may vote EITHER at their home or college residence, BUT NOT BOTH!

BEWARE: Some voters who think they are registered independent, and therefore eligible to make a choice between Clinton and Sanders, actually aren’t. They may be one of the nearly half a million Californians registered in the American Independent Party, a minor party founded by the infamous segregationist, then-Alabama Gov. George Wallace in his 1968 run for the presidency. A Los Angeles Times poll of a sample of those registered in the American Independent Party found three out of four thought they were registered as independents, not members of the party founded by the infamous segregationist. Among those who said they were fooled were celebrities Sugar Ray Leonard, Demi Moore and Emma Stone. Unless they change their registration, they will be able to cast a primary ballot only for an American Independent Party nominee.

AFTER YOU VOTE ON JUNE 7, be sure to register back into the Peace and Freedom Party, or whatever party you choose (unless you like being a Democrat). You will still be able to vote any candidate you want in the November General Election.