Election Results, June 2014

Election Results for our candidates:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As usual, in the normal function of our corrupt, undemocratic electoral system, the real winner was corporate America, but our efforts were not in vain.

The GOOD NEWS is that nearly 200,000 Californians voted for the socialist candidates of the Peace and Freedom Party.

As of June 11, the vote totals for our candidates are as follows:

For Governor, Cindy L. Sheehan, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 46,607 votes, 1.2% of the total.

For Lieutenant Governor, Amos Johnson, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, Peace and Freedom Party, received 35,504 votes, 0.9% of the total.

For Controller, Laura Wells, the Green Party candidate endorsed by Peace and Freedom, 206,709 votes, 5.6% of the total.

For Treasurer, Ellen H. Brown, the Green Party candidate endorsed by Peace and Freedom, received 240,336 votes, 6.5% of the total.

For Insurance Commissioner, Nathalie Hrizi, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 189,589 votes, 5.2% of the total.

In the 12th Congressional District (San Francisco), Frank Lara, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate,received 2,108 votes, 1.9% of the total.

In the 34th Congressional District (Los Angeles), Howard Johnson, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 3,261 votes, 11.3% of the total.

In the 15th Assembly District (Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond), Eugene E. Ruyle, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 2,163 votes, 3.5% of the total.

Note that these totals will change as the count continues. You can check the latest figures at the Secretary of State’s website <http://vote.sos.ca.gov&gt;

Peace and Freedom Party also endorsed a number of write-in candidates. When these results become available, they will be posted on the Peace and Freedom website.

It is encouraging to see greater cooperation between our Peace and Freedom Party and the Green Party. Peace and Freedom endorsed two Green candidates, Laura Wells for Controller and Ellen H. Brown for Treasurer, while the Green Party of Alameda County endorsed Nathalie Hziri for Insurance Commission and Eugene Ruyle for State Assembly. There is a great potential for a Red-Green (and Black) alliance of disaffected people to challenge the domination of corporate capitalism.

But the most encouraging news from the election is the performance of Nathalie Hziri, our candidate for Insurance Commissioner, who receivedio over 189,000 votes, or 5.2% of the vote. This means that Peace and Freedom will most likely remain on the ballot for four more years.

This, however, depends on a bill currently moving through the state legislature (AB 2351), which would help the smaller parties overcome some of the negative effects of the Top Two voting system. Voters did not intend to disqualify these smaller parties from the ballot when they voted for Proposition 14, but that’s what it does. AB 2351 would be a crucial first step in fixing that problem by changing the qualifications for ballot status. For more info on AB 2351, see Ballot Access News http://www.ballot-access.org/2014/05/california-assembly-unanimously-passes-bill-easing-definition-of-political-party/

The BAD NEWS is that California had a less than a 20% voter turnout. Many Californians no doubt saw no reason to vote when your choices are Tweedledum and Tweedledummer. Some might think that such apathy is a good thing, but not when there is a socialist alternative.

The truly UGLY NEWS is that, because of Top Two, only candidates of the war-addicted, pro-capitalist Democratic and Republican Parties will appear on the statewide ballot this fall. This is a giant step backward for democracy in California.

Gene Ruyle
Peace and Freedom Candidate
In the Kick-Ass 15th Assembly District
Including Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and more