Statement in Support of the South Central Farmers in Los Angeles
by Eugene E Ruyle, Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for
California Assembly, 15th District (East Bay Area)
(denied place on November ballot due to undeemocratic electoral laws, so that only candidates of the two war-addicted, pro-capitalist corporate parties will appear)

For twelve years, from 1994 to 2006, the South Central Farm was an oasis of ecological diversity in the industrial wasteland of South Central Los Angeles, The 14 acres were farmed by about 350 families, mostly immigrants from Mexico and Central America, who grew an estimated 100 to 150 species of plants for food, herbal medicine, and spiritual uses. This diversity led UCLA to establish an agricultural research station there.

However, in spite of widespread support for the urban farm, the City of Los Angeles sold the land to developer Ralph Horowitz, in a closed door session in 2003. The movement to Save the South Central Farm included such celebrities as Joan Baez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Danny Glover, Daryl Hannah, Julia “Butterfly” Hill, Ron Kovic, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and Willie Nelson. Although supporters had raised enough funds to purchase the land for more than he paid, Horowitz refused to sell. On July 5, 2006, he ordered the farm bulldozed amidst protest and acts of civil disobedience. For the last eight years, the land has remained vacant, although developer Horowitz wants to move a garment factory and three trucking centers to the site. Last August, dozens of Farm supporters jammed a City Planning Commission meeting and demanded the EIR before development could begin. That turnout forced the City to reassess its position and require an Environmental Impact Report and public comment.

Until tomorrow, Thursday, July 17, 2014, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission is asking for public comments on the environmental impact of the development plans. To see sample letters and send an email to the Planning Commission in support of preserving green space for the Central Alameda neighborhood, CLICK HERE:

The South Central Farm is not alone. It is only one of the efforts to protect urban space in California from wanton development. Here in the Bay Area, we have Occupy the Farm, fighting to protect the Gill Track Farm in Albany from UC development plans. For more info and to sign a petition, CLICK HERE


  • Restore and protect air, water, land and ecosystems.
  • Outlaw destructive practices such as clear cutting, fracking, mountaintop removal, tar sands extraction, and offshore drilling.
  • Promote conservation and develop solar and other renewable energy to replace nuclear power and fossil fuels.
  • End environmental racism: no toxic dumping in anyone’s back yard.
  • Massive development of public transportation available free or at nominal fares.
  • Promote an environmentally sound agricultural system which meets human needs and protects farm workers’ labor rights and standard of living. No genetically engineered organisms in food production.



Shut Down the War Machine

Guaranteed Jobs with Decent Incomes for All

Free Education & Health Care for All

Defend Our Personal Freedoms & Political Rights

Protect & Restore Our Mother Earth

Election Results, June 2014

Election Results for our candidates:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As usual, in the normal function of our corrupt, undemocratic electoral system, the real winner was corporate America, but our efforts were not in vain.

The GOOD NEWS is that nearly 200,000 Californians voted for the socialist candidates of the Peace and Freedom Party.

As of June 11, the vote totals for our candidates are as follows:

For Governor, Cindy L. Sheehan, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 46,607 votes, 1.2% of the total.

For Lieutenant Governor, Amos Johnson, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, Peace and Freedom Party, received 35,504 votes, 0.9% of the total.

For Controller, Laura Wells, the Green Party candidate endorsed by Peace and Freedom, 206,709 votes, 5.6% of the total.

For Treasurer, Ellen H. Brown, the Green Party candidate endorsed by Peace and Freedom, received 240,336 votes, 6.5% of the total.

For Insurance Commissioner, Nathalie Hrizi, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 189,589 votes, 5.2% of the total.

In the 12th Congressional District (San Francisco), Frank Lara, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate,received 2,108 votes, 1.9% of the total.

In the 34th Congressional District (Los Angeles), Howard Johnson, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 3,261 votes, 11.3% of the total.

In the 15th Assembly District (Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond), Eugene E. Ruyle, our Peace and Freedom Party candidate, received 2,163 votes, 3.5% of the total.

Note that these totals will change as the count continues. You can check the latest figures at the Secretary of State’s website <;

Peace and Freedom Party also endorsed a number of write-in candidates. When these results become available, they will be posted on the Peace and Freedom website.

It is encouraging to see greater cooperation between our Peace and Freedom Party and the Green Party. Peace and Freedom endorsed two Green candidates, Laura Wells for Controller and Ellen H. Brown for Treasurer, while the Green Party of Alameda County endorsed Nathalie Hziri for Insurance Commission and Eugene Ruyle for State Assembly. There is a great potential for a Red-Green (and Black) alliance of disaffected people to challenge the domination of corporate capitalism.

But the most encouraging news from the election is the performance of Nathalie Hziri, our candidate for Insurance Commissioner, who receivedio over 189,000 votes, or 5.2% of the vote. This means that Peace and Freedom will most likely remain on the ballot for four more years.

This, however, depends on a bill currently moving through the state legislature (AB 2351), which would help the smaller parties overcome some of the negative effects of the Top Two voting system. Voters did not intend to disqualify these smaller parties from the ballot when they voted for Proposition 14, but that’s what it does. AB 2351 would be a crucial first step in fixing that problem by changing the qualifications for ballot status. For more info on AB 2351, see Ballot Access News

The BAD NEWS is that California had a less than a 20% voter turnout. Many Californians no doubt saw no reason to vote when your choices are Tweedledum and Tweedledummer. Some might think that such apathy is a good thing, but not when there is a socialist alternative.

The truly UGLY NEWS is that, because of Top Two, only candidates of the war-addicted, pro-capitalist Democratic and Republican Parties will appear on the statewide ballot this fall. This is a giant step backward for democracy in California.

Gene Ruyle
Peace and Freedom Candidate
In the Kick-Ass 15th Assembly District
Including Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and more


End Tuition in California



Speech for East Bay Democracy for America Candidates Meetup
Rockridge Public Library in Oakland
Thursday, May 22, 2014 7 PM
by Eugene E Ruyle, Peace and Freedom Candidate
for California Assembly, 15th District


Thank you for inviting me to the East Bay Democracy for America Meetup. My name is Gene Ruyle, it’s a silent “Y” so it rhymes with cool. I’m the guy from the Peace and Freedom Party, the only working class, socialist, and feminist party in this campaign. There was a time when people looked to the Democratic Party for progressive social change in America. We think of FDR and the CIO, the WPA, the Sit-Ins, the Wagner Act, and Social Security. But that was a long time ago, before even I was born.

Let me tell you a story. We have the greatest University in the world, right here in the 15th Assembly District. When I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1963, I paid $150 a year in fees, no tuition. This meant that even with my minimum wage job, I could pay for my education by working two or three hours a week.

Now, tuition is over $13,000 a year — never mind non-essentials like books and food. What happened?

Well, Ronald Reagan happened. Reagan was elected Governor in 1966 with two slogans: “send the welfare bums back to work” and “clean up the mess at Berkeley.” Reagan proceeded to destroy a century of tuition-free higher education in California and started charging tuition in 1968. Since then, it’s been a bipartisan affair of annual tuition hikes for students.

My point is not that the Republicans Are Bad News—we all know that. My point is that the Democrats didn’t stop him. They didn’t stand up and say” “NO. This is the People’s University. You can’t charge tuition.” That’s what FDR would have done. That’s what Pat Brown would have done. Instead, the Democratic Party joined the Republicans in sticking it to the students of California.

So it’s left to the little Peace and Freedom Party to stand up for working class students, and say

“End Tuition in California!”

And I know the politicos are going to join with the bureaucrats and say, “Oh, we can’t do that. Budget Cuts, you know . . . “

Well, the whole purpose of my campaign is to say can do it, and it’s not exactly rocket science. Here’s How:

End the Wars and Tax the Rich

That’s how we get free education, free health care, affordable housing, and everything else workers need in our beautiful state.


Full free high quality public education
from pre-school through graduate school,
with lifelong learning and retraining.
Cancel existing student debt

From the 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education in California

It is recommended that the Regents of the University of California and the State Board of Education reaffirm the long established principle that state colleges and the University of California shall be tuition free to all residents of the state.

Shut Down the War Machine
Guaranteed Jobs with Decent Incomes for All
Free Education & Health Care for All
Defend Our Personal Freedoms & Political Rights
Protect & Restore Our Mother Earth


Support Fast Food Workers Strike 5-15-14



Statement in Support of Global Fast Food Workers Strike
by Eugene E Ruyle, Peace and Freedom Candidate
for California Assembly, 15th District

Every worker deserves fair wages and the right to organize, so please join me in supporting striking fast food workers and allies from 36 countries and 150 U.S. cities, calling out some of the world’s worst corporate behavior and exposing widespread wage theft. In the wake of new reports showing an industry with the largest pay gaps between CEOs and workers, the fast food workers are demanding change: $15 an hour for workers and a union.

Here’s their schedule in Oakland for this Thursday, May 15, 2-014:

5:30 AM Meet at ACCE Oakland Offices 2501 International Blvd
10:30 AM Meet at the Library in Downtown Oakland, 135 14th St.
(check for latest updates at:

As a working class, socialist, and feminist party, Peace and Freedom has always supported the rights of working folks to organize and strike for better pay and working conditions. Here’s what our PLatform has to say:


Double the minimum wage, and index it to the cost of living
Guarantee the right of all workers to organize and to strike
Forbid striker replacement
Socially useful jobs for all at union pay levels
Equal pay for equal work, and for work of comparable worth
A 30-hour workweek with no cut in weekly pay – Longer paid vacations
A Universal Basic Income with full social benefits as a basic human right
Tax the income and assets of the rich to meet human needs.

As a retired union member (my dues are still taken out of my pension check), I am proud to see my brothers and sisters uniting in dozens of countries across six continuents. For me, it brings to mind the words of the Wobblies:

From the Preamble to the Consitution of the Industrial Workers of the World (1905)

The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of the working people while the few who make up the employing class have all the good things of life. Between these two classes a struggle must go on until the workers of the world organize as a class, take possession of the Earth and the machinery of production, and abolish the wage system.

Abolition of the wage system, of course, means abolition of capitalism. Under capitalism, workers are wage slaves, lucky if they can find work to support themselves and their families. With socialism, workers are guaranteed jobs and decent incomes, with affordable housing, pensions, free health care, and free education.

So, let’s join with the fast food workers of the world, and in Oakland, our slogan should be,



May 12, 2014

End the Wars & Tax the Rich AND SAVE THE PLANET

End the Wars & Tax the Rich,


Statement on Earth Day

Eugene E Ruyle

Candidate for State Assembly, 15th District


World’s Worst Polluter? The U.S. Military.


As we celebrate Earth Day, it is important we keep in mind just who is threatening our beautiful planet. As Dr. King might say, the biggest purveyor of pollution on this planet is our own government, specifically the U.S. military. This was made clear in a report on one of the most unreported stories of 2010 by Project Censored, which states, in part:

“The US military is responsible for the most egregious and widespread pollution of the planet, yet this information and accompanying documentation goes almost entirely unreported. In spite of the evidence, the environmental impact of the US military goes largely unaddressed by environmental organizations and was not the focus of any discussions or proposed restrictions at the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. This impact includes uninhibited use of fossil fuels, massive creation of greenhouse gases, and extensive release of radioactive and chemical contaminants into the air, water, and soil.“ (“US Department of Defense is the Worst Polluter on the Planet,” October 2, 2010)

Perhaps it is time that we ask that leading environmental organizations, such as, the Sierra Club, and Greenpeace, recognize this fact and call the U.S. war machine to task. While it is essential that we continue to protest fracking, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and GMOs, we can’t let the war-mongers themselves off the hook.

But the worst environmental impact of the military is its role in maintaining the global system of corporate capitalism that puts profits before people and the plant and is destroying our Mother Earth. The Peoples of the Earth would have put an end to capitalism before now had it not been for the military invasions of places like Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan as well as CIA subversion in Iran, Guatemala, Cuba, Chile, and everywhere.

Our Peace and Freedom Party was concerned about the destruction of our planet even before the first Earth Day, and our earliest platform in 1968 included a clear statement on “Ecology.” Our continuing concern is made clear on our latest Platform, passed in March 2014:

The same corporate forces and economic system that exploit and brutalize the world’s working class people are destroying the world’s biosphere. These social policies and ecological destruction often overlap. Socialism is necessary to end the ecological destruction caused by capitalism. Our goal is a society that is in harmony with nature as it is in harmony with its own people.The Peace and Freedom Party therefore calls for:

Restore and protect air, water, land and ecosystems. * Outlaw destructive practices such as clear cutting, fracking, mountaintop removal, tar sands extraction, and offshore drilling.* Promote conservation and develop solar and other renewable energy to replace nuclear power and fossil fuels. * End environmental racism: no toxic dumping in anyone’s back yard. * Massive development of public transportation available free or at nominal fares.* Promote an environmentally sound agricultural system which meets human needs and protects farm workers’ labor rights and standard of living. * No genetically engineered organisms in food production.

It is no doubt purely a coincidence that the first Earth Day also coincided with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin, a National Holiday in the Soviet Union. Perhaps this is why the FBI sent its agents to spy on Earth Day activities around the nation in 1970. Perhaps also it is time to make Earth Day a subversive idea once again and realize that organizations such as NASA, Wells Fargo, Southwest Airlines, Reagan Wireless, and Chevrolet are no friends of the environment, even though they may sponsor Earth Day.

Perhaps its time we make the rich and their corporations pay for the destruction they have caused to our planet and the people on it. That’s why our slogan on Earth Day should be: “End the Wars & Tax the Rich, AND SAVE THE PLANET!

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.31.16 AM




Submitted by Eugene E Ruyle, VFP Chapter 162

Whereas, the volcanic island of Jeju, off the southern coast of Korea, famous for its extraordinary beauty and pristine environment, is a favorite honeymoon destination for newlywed couples and an unparalleled global ecological treasure, with UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites, UNESCO Global Geological Parks, and a designated Global Biosphere Reserve; and

Whereas, Gangjeong Village, on Jeju Island, is home to thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which are endangered, lava rock freshwater tide pools, endangered soft coral reefs, sacred natural sites, and nearly 2,000 indigenous villagers, including farmers, fishermen and traditional women divers, that have relied upon the surrounding marine and terrestrial environment for nearly 4000 years; and

Whereas, the people of Jeju were subjected in1948 to one of the most genocidal campaigns of “pacification” in postwar history at the instigation and direction of the US Military Government in Korea, when paramilitary terror, scorched earth policies, forced relocations, mass rapes, massacres, exterminations, and other atrocities killed up to 80,000 civilians (one third of the population) and burned 90% of its villages to the ground; and

Whereas, the US Military has been a continuous and unwanted occupying force on the Korean peninsula in open and blatant contravention of the 1953 Korean Armistice Agreement; imposing its political, economic, cultural, and military will on the Korean people in order to expand U.S. military and economic presence and influence in the region; and

Whereas, the South Korean government has contracted with Samsung, a multinational conglomerate, for the construction of a massive, 50 hectare, deep water military naval installation near Gangjeong Village, designed to house more than 8000 marines, 20 warships, including US Nuclear-armed Aegis Missile Destroyers, as well as US nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, and

Whereas, according to the Mutual Defense Treaty and the Status of Forces Agreement between South Korea and the United States, the US military retains wartime command over all of South Korea’s military, and would therefore obtain operational control of the Gangjeong military facility; and

Whereas, this construction is directly and irreparably harming the biodiversity, culture, economy, and welfare of the village and indigenous villagers by forcing relocation of villagers from their traditional farmlands and denying coastal access to their habitual fishing and diving grounds; and through its destruction of sacred natural sites, burial grounds, soft coral reefs, farmlands, groundwater, ocean water and habitat, soil quality, fishing grounds, and natural springs; and

Whereas, overseas military bases are the visible instruments of US militarism, imperialism and the war economy, undermining the lives and livelihoods of local people, imposing a violent culture of commodification and exploitation of women and girls, and creating a “base economy” of prostitution, gendered violence, and “service” industries; and

Whereas, the residents of Gangjeong Village, having voted by a 94% majority to oppose the naval base, have been using every possible democratic and legal means to block construction, including petitions, lawsuits, non-violent civil disobedience, hunger strikes, protests, vigils; risking their lives and personal freedom in the face of overwhelming repression by police and security forces, as well as hired thugs; and

Whereas, the Korean people understand that this deep water Naval Base is designed a key component of Obama’s Pacific Pivot, a platform for the projection of US military throughout the region and threatening other regional powers, thus escalating the danger of war and potentially destabilizing the entire Asia-Pacific region; and

Whereas, the construction of this naval installation violates every principle and value of our Veterans for Peace mission that includes restraining our government from intervening, overtly or covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations, reducing and ending the arms race, and the abolishment of war as an instrument of foreign policy, and

Whereas, a peace team from Veterans for Peace, sent to Jeju Island as part of the international effort to support local protestors, were refused entry by Korean security officials without cause in March 2012;

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace, meeting at its national convention in Madison, Wisconsin in August, 2013, reaffirms our solidarity with the villagers of Gangjeong in their opposition to the construction of this Naval Base and urges the Obama Administration and Congress to stop construction of the Jeju Island Naval Base as a first step toward a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula and East Asia.

This motion to Stop The Second U.S. Assault On Jeju Island, Korea passed unanimously in our local East Bay Chapter #162. It was then sent it to our national office. The National Board unanimously recommended a “Yes” vote, and put it on the agenda for our national meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, in August 2013. The Conventions approved in in a non-binding vote by acclamation. It was then sent out for the mail vote and passed overwhelmingly, 714 Yes to 16 No.



Peace and Freedom Candidate Supports ANSWER Statement on Syria

Born in the anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggles of the 1960s, the Peace and Freedom Party has opposed every U.S. foreign adventure since Vietnam. Our Platform takes an uncompromising stance on

Peace and International Justice: The drive for greater profits by multi-national corporations which direct U.S. foreign policy is a major cause of war. We stand for peace between nations and the right of all peoples to self-determination. We support an ongoing socialist transformation everywhere. We therefore call for:

  • The U.S. to renounce nuclear first strike, and take the initiative toward global disarmament by eliminating all of its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
  • No U.S. intervention anywhere. End all support and aid to repressive regimes and all military and police training aid everywhere. End efforts to destabilize foreign governments. End U.S.-directed economic warfare against other countries. Abolish the CIA, NSA, AID and other agencies for interference in other countries’ internal affairs. Withdraw all U.S. troops and weapons from all other countries.
  • Stop all U.S. arms exports and trade.
  • Dissolve all military pacts.
  • Convert from military to peaceful production; reallocate the resulting “peace dividend” for social benefit.
  • Abolish the Selective Service System.
  • No weapons in space.

As a candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party, therefore, I support the following statement from the ANSWER Coalition. (The ANSWER Coalition was formed immediately after 9/11 with the goal of building a mass movement to oppose U.S. imperialist policy.)

Why we oppose U.S. and Israeli intervention in Syria

Statement by ANSWER Coalition  May 23, 2013


Israeli air strikes on May 5 near Damascus

Having overthrown the governments in Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011, the U.S. government has sought to topple the Syrian government during the past two years. The CIA has been the coordinating agency for massive weapons shipments from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to armed groups fighting to topple the Syrian government.

The conflict in Syria that began more than two years ago was fueled by a wide range of grievances, some legitimate, some reactionary. But the armed rebellion inside the country is today inextricably bound to imperialism and the most reactionary regimes in the Arab world. Its aim is to destroy a secular, nationalist government that U.S. leaders view as an obstacle to their goal of dominating the entire Middle East.

The United States, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been funneling vast quantities of arms, money and supplies to the Syrian opposition, and training thousands of anti-government fighters in Turkey, Jordan and elsewhere. On May 5, Israel heavily bombed an area close to the capital, Damascus.

Harsh economic sanctions have been imposed on Syria. The United States and its allies have waged a worldwide campaign to isolate and demonize the Syrian government.

Outside support has sustained the opposition, but not brought it victory. Thus, the leaders of the U.S.-organized “National Coalition of Opposition and Revolutionary Forces” and the “Free Syrian Army” have been making repeated and urgent appeals for more direct imperialist intervention, including an air war against their own country. Those appeals have become even more urgent due to losses suffered by the splintered opposition forces in recent weeks.

“Friends of Syria”: another face of imperialism

Stepping up the imperialist-led campaign, on May 22, the so-called “Friends of Syria” met in Amman, Jordan. Led by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the other “Friends” at the meeting were the foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The open aim of the “Friends” is the overthrow of existing government in Syria. Its concluding statement speaks of “supporting the legitimate rights of the Syrian people” and “a new Syrian constitution with equal rights for all.”

This supposed concern for “human rights” in Syria is nothing but the crassest cynicism.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Jordan are all police-state, absolute monarchies, sustained in power by U.S. support. Saudi Arabia has never had an election, women are forbidden to drive cars and public beheadings are a frequent occurrence. Britain and France are the former colonizing powers in the region, striving to retain their influence today. Germany and Italy shared in the colonial division of Africa; half the population of Libya died under Italian rule during World War II. Turkey has long repressed the Kurdish population inside its borders, as well as unions, leftist parties and other progressive organizations. The Egyptian government is suppressing the opposition as it seeks to consolidate its power.

As the dominant world power over the past 70 years, the United States has carried out genocidal wars from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq, leaving tens of millions dead, wounded and displaced. In addition, U.S. military and intelligence forces have intervened hundreds of times in countries around the world, and today the United States maintains more than 900 military bases on every continent. Death by U.S. drone is today a regular and terrorizing feature of life for people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.

The “Friends” are in reality a criminal gang who have no concern whatsoever for the interests of the people of Syria – or any people anywhere, for that matter.

Say no to U.S./NATO and Israeli intervention

An international peace conference on Syria has been jointly proposed by Russia and the United States, and is tentatively set to take place in Geneva, Switzerland, in June. It is not clear yet whether it will actually take place.

Regarding the proposed conference, the “Friends of Syria” statement ended by threatening, “[U]ntil such a time as the Geneva meeting produces a transitional government, they [the “Friends”] will further increase their support for the opposition and take all other steps as necessary.” By “transitional government,” the “Friends” mean one absent the present leadership. In other words, until there is “regime change,” they will escalate the war.

The anti-war movement in the United States has a duty to unequivocally oppose all forms of intervention by the United States, the other imperialists and their clients, and to support the right of the Syrian people to determine their own future, free from imperialist intervention.

ANSWER Coalition Web Page:

Eugene Ruyle, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies at California State University, Long Beach, was the Peace and Freedom candidate for State Assembly in 2012 in the 15th District (Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond), winning 25,167 votes, or 13.2% of the total. Ruyle is preparing another campaign for 2014. For further information, visit his campaign web site at or contact him at cuyleruyle [at] mac [dot] com or 510-428-1578.


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